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    The centerpiece of everything: It's the first impression you make and the wellspring for all of your branding conventions. Get  traffic, keep traffic, and make  conversions. Proper Search Engine Optimization is critical. It's also the biggest snake-oil pitch online. Effective seo starts before the code, with research, and it never sleeps. And, if your site doesn't work on mobile devices, Google will penalize you, and the visitors who find you anyway will bounce off. Get it right, and your website will be your best marketing tool.


    You can't know tradeshows until you've been to tradeshows, and most designers have not. I've done set-up and breakdown, haggled over booth location, booked the lighting, worked with the unions... I get it. It's a hundred projects all with the same, hard deadline. I can give you booth design, and all of those how-many, how-wide and how-tall exhibits. Whether it's light-boxes or bag-stuffers, floats, stands, pop-ups or merchandisers, I can design them, I can source the production, and I can get them in the crate on time.


    You may have heard that people eat with their eyes, first. People do everything with their eyes, first, and they definitely buy with their eyes, first. People will judge your quality standards by the technical quality of your images. Make the best widget in the world, and if the photos are lousy, people will assume the product is lousy. You can also waste a lot of money on a photographer who spends all day with a coffee mug. I have high standards and great respect for your budget, and I specialize in products from the size of a postage stamp to the size of a car.


    Digital marketing can either be a bright, shiny waste of money, or an extremely cost-effective marketing tool that gets the most out of every nickel. Done well, these practices can allow you to place your brand and your message in front of the very people who are actively searching for your products or service, follow them into your website, track their behavior and score the conversions you want. Run ppc ads against each other: split-test, refine, repeat. Create feeder streams to cultivate email lists, and do it all on a budget that pays for itself.


    Paper still matters, whether its a print ad, a 60-spread product catalog or a tri-fold brochure or the perfect packaging design for your locally-grown, organic jasmin tea. Your print collateral has to marry to your online exposure to maintain your branding efforts, and all of these pieces of paper have a job to do. They must drive traffic to your website or to your brick-and-mortar location or both. I have extensive branding experience in a wide variety of industries, and I can give you creative that's on-point and performs.


    Robert Heinlein said that specialization is for insects. When you give advertising design to one person, product photography to another, web development to another and pay-per-click campaigns to yet another, you may get a great variety of creative ideas, but you'll also need a creative director to ride herd and keep everyone focused within the same brand strategy. I can do any one of these things for you, see your big picture and match your styling conventions, or I can archive all of your digitals and handle all of these tasks myself.


    Don't expect direct sales conversions from your facebook, twitter, linked-in, pinterest or google+ exposure. Do expect a very inexpensive way to keep your brand, your messaging and your images in front of a targeted audience. Do expect these channels to contribute to improved, organic search engine rankings, but only if they are managed properly. I can set-up these accounts for you, then turn them over to you. I can also manage them, feed them and get you that shiny marketing gem called, "earned media."


    The  place people go to  form an opinion is Know what you need your site to do. Do you need to sell through your site? Do you need to guide people to a location–or do you just need to make the phone ring? Be current, be professional, make an impression. And remember, your site should be the wellspring for the stylings of all of your collateral.

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    Remember paper? It still matters. Print runs are shorter, because people look to downloads for expediency and new information. So, you no longer need as much room (or money) for boxes and boxes of catalogs and brochures. However, computers don't lay around on coffee tables and kitchen counters displaying your brand and product... at least not yet.

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    Email messaging, pay-per-click advertising, web banners, social media, analytics… Digital marketing can be a remarkably powerful and efficient use of your advertising dollar. Put your brand and your message in front of exactly the right audience, track their behavior, refine your approach, and continually improve your online conversion rates.

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